Dunedin Film School 2021 | Dates TBD

$250. Limited to 15 students.
In this 3-day film school students will get hands on experience making a historical documentary for the city of Dunedin. 
Minimum age – 8 years old.
Maximum age – No max age. 
Dunedin Film Festival Inc. believes that historical documentation is essential for the continuation of the culture of Dunedin, Florida and its surrounding areas. Traditional definitions of culture apply to human activity. In Dunedin, Florida those activities are eco-system dependent. The ocean, surrounding islands, native plants, and native animals are the support system for the eco-driven tourism that visits our delightful Dunedin.
The Dunedin Film School uses entertainment’s most innovative technology to tell the story of Dunedin underwater. Learn how to operate underwater video technology and tell the story of Dunedin around you. Your participation is necessary to make this piece of history a true representation of the talent and culture that our city cultivates
Space is limited, sign up today, no experience necessary.


1. The Color Blue

St. Joseph Sound / Honey Moon Island / Water

2. The Color Green

Natural land Bio-digester / Hammock Park / Earth and Tree

3. People

Clearwater Aquarium and dolphin rehabilitation center – Scientists at USF & surrounding schools.